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My role as an arts educator is to create a safe space where students can take risks, make mistakes, ask questions, and become informed artistic citizens.

It is my goal to equip each of my students with the tools they need to be grounded performers who are self-aware, collaborative, honest, and confident in their abilities.

I believe in an educational process that embraces individuality, encouraging students to accept and celebrate what makes them unique.

I strive to create a learning environment that is warm, challenging, explorative, accepting, and fun, because that is what every student deserves.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Teaching Philosophy

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Brianna Borger

I am also the proud creator of The Success Project, a website and social media presence that aims to reframe how we define success for performing arts majors after graduation and throughout life. 


The Success Project website includes resources for prospective students, performing arts graduates, and educators, and the Instagram feed shares the stories of performing arts graduates who have found success in a variety of career fields, as well as their views on how we define success as performing artists and human beings.


Northwestern University - Evanston, IL​

- Student Advisor & Assistant Professor, Theatre Department

- Voice Teacher, Musical Theatre

- Guest Artist, Musical Theatre Audition Techniques

Carthage College - Kenosha, WI

- Music Theatre Assistant / Coach

Chicago College of Performing Arts (CCPA) - Chicago, IL

- Guest Artist, Musical Theatre Techniques

John Hersey High School - Arlington Heights, IL

- Guest Vocal Coach

Chicago Academy for the Arts - Chicago, IL

- Guest Instructor, Musical Theatre Scene Study

- Adjudicator, Musical Theatre Departmental Juries

Chicagoland Showcase Competition - Arlington Heights, IL

- Guest Judge, Solo Vocal Performance

American Eagle Productions

- Instructor, Broadway Techniques: Voice

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