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Brianna's technical knowledge, industry experience, and genuine care for her students is unmatched. She tailors my vocal coaching sessions to my unique voice and individual goals so that I can walk into every audition room, recording studio, or performance with confidence!

With a Masters degree in Music Theatre Voice Pedagogy as well as a 20+ year career as a professional performer and director, I offer my students a breadth of knowledge that allows us to work equally on developing healthy, efficient vocal technique and applying dramatic circumstances to songs in order to create a fully realized performance. I believe that every voice should be celebrated for what makes it unique, and I encourage my students to explore their vocal potential while also embracing what makes them special. Rather than focusing on what your voice "should" sound like, we will focus instead on how to unlock and utilize all the colors of your voice, and how to apply that knowledge to different styles and genres of music. 

My voice studio is a warm, supportive space, where every singer receives instruction based upon their specific needs and learning style. My students vary in age and experience, including high schoolers preparing for college auditions, theatre professionals polishing callback material, and folks just starting to learn how to sing. Lessons typically include laughter and mistakes and "lightbulb moments," all of which are useful on the path toward becoming a well-rounded musical performer who sings with freedom and joy. 

My goal as a teacher is to serve your artistic needs, including but not limited to:

- Developing healthy, sustainable vocal technique

- Applying appropriate stylistic choices to songs

- Finding new audition repertoire

- Unlocking dramatic potential by exploring song structure

- Feeling more grounded in an audition room

- Preparing audition and callback materials

- Singing for the joy of singing!

Lessons are held in South Evanston with a professional accompanist, but Zoom lessons are also available. Let's sing!

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